Bologna, a collection of street photos

Recently I was in Italy for a very short trip over the weekend and during that time I spent one day and one night in Bologna., in the Emilia Romagna region, just an hour far (by train) from Milan.

It was not the first time for me, actually, I did the military service in Bologna, just around 20 years ago! Woow, time flies…

Since then, I never came back and, 20 years ago, I was not even close to being a photographer, so I had no pictures taken.

Frankly, I found the city to be exactly the same as twenty years ago, and I still remember where to go and all the main spots.

But this time, I’ve observed it with the eyes and the mind of a photographer, certainly with a different point of view, and with a Leica SL.

Of course, 24 hours, even less, are not enough to really get the soul of a city, but I did my best to capture as much as possible street life.

The city shows its best side at night when the old warm lights illuminate the elegant and endless porticoes, a peculiarity and symbol of this historic city.

Walking around with the Leica SL and the two compact lenses such as Summicron 28mm and 50mm it was so light and relaxing, and the manual focus, in low light was very easy and fast.

Here are the final pictures:



























Thanks for watching,

Gianni Berengo Gardin – “What do you think constitutes a beautiful photo?”

Reading an interview with the Italian photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin, celebrating the Leica Hall of Fame Award, I find this part very interesting an inspirational. and I wanted to share it with you:

What do you think constitutes a beautiful photo?

I don’t like ‘beautiful’ photos. I think they’re totally useless. That’s something I’ve learned. I used to think “what a beautiful photo”, but one time, when I was still very young, Ugo Mulas was showing me his photos and I kept saying “what a beautiful photo” or “that’s a beautiful shot”.

The more I said those things, the more annoyed he got. Eventually, he said to me: “If you say that one of my photos is beautiful one more time, I’m kicking you out.”

Feeling a little embarrassed, I asked him: “But sir, how else should I show my appreciation?” He replied: “You should say they’re good. Beautiful photos might be aesthetically perfect and well constructed, but they don’t say anything. A good photo tells you things, stories…it communicates something. Beautiful photos communicate too, but what they communicate is useless.”

So from that moment on, I’ve always said “good photo” rather than “beautiful photo”.

Gianni Berengo Gardin

The whole interview is great and full of interesting concepts, but I find this extract to be particularly true and actual.  I will keep in mind every time I shoot a new picture!


Backstage: making of Tagliatelle pasta

Photo shooting on Sunday is starting to be a strong tradition for me. And I really like it!

But this time there was a last minute change of plan. Indeed, while I was starting to set up a Chrismas theme session, my wonderful wife said:

how about if I make Tagliatelle pasta? Would you like to take pictures of it?

Lucky me! I said yes, of course.

So I changed the setting and photograph the complete process: from the making of the dough to the final plated meal.

The gears

For the first time, I’ve used the brand new Tilt&Shift lens from Nikon, the PC-E 85mm f2.8

The lens fits quite good on my Leica SL, thanks to the Novoflex adapter SL/NIK. But as a beginner, it is also a bit tricky to use, although can be very creative and funny.

The light

A flash lamp on the right side and a fill-in light on the left, a very simple but well-balanced setup.

The backstage pictures

The happy ending

The best part of the shooting is when everything is done and I can finally eat this delicious homemade pasta1

I wish you a relaxing Sunday,
cheers, Sabino

Ad occhi aperti, my day in pictures – 28 Oct 2017

Ad occhi aperti, means “with eyes open”, in italian, my mother language.

The aim of this blog series is to show and share, at the end of each day, what my eyes have seen and what captured my attention, what triggered my emotions above all.

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

All the pictures have been taken with my iPhone 8Plus.

The day cannot begin without an italian espresso and a delicious pastry made by my mamma


Searching for new and nice xmas decoration for my next photo shooting…

Just me fooling around in the shopping center 🙂

The shopping basket for the next photo shooting on the theme of Xmas.

This is the place where I often go to find props and decorations for my photography sets. A A second hand shop, in Luxembourg

Unpacking my new “toy”: Nikon PC-E 85mm f2.8 Tilt and Shift lens for my Food Photography

Back in the shopping centre, with my wife, as foolish as me… 🙂

Preparing the dinner, a speciality from my region: gnocco fritto (fried dough) and prosciutto di parma/ prosciutto cotto.

Finally relaxing with a good reading

Have a good night,