Featured in the Leica Master Shots Collection on LFI

Hooray! My picture has been favourited by the editors of the Leica Fotografie International and ranked among the very best photographs in the Leica Master Shots collection! So proud about it!

About the picture

This picture is part of a reportage I took at the local camel market in Al Ain, in the Emirates.
The complete series is here:

Camel market – Al Ain

👉 https://lfi-online.de/ceemes/en/gallery/sl-mastershots.html

To take this candid portrait I used my LEICA SL camera paired with the VARIO Elmarit SL 24-90mm f2.8, a great combo for these kinds of situation.

I’m so happy about it, as it is also one of my favourite shots I’ve taken recently.




Featured! New photo publications in Uk and Italy…

Selling on the stock photos agencies as Fotolia and Shutterstock it is great but it has the downside of not knowing who bought my pictures and where they will be printed and published. So, time to time, either I do a research on my name on Google, or someone just writes me saying “hey, I’ve seen a picture there that seems one of yours…”.

And here are two new features that iI discovered in these days, coming from UK and Italy.

1. Featured in a Shopping Center giant installation (Italy)

In this case, my daddy reported me this, while walking in this huge shopping center, Auchan, in Casamassima, province of Bari, south of Italy, the place where I came from, actually. He spotted this giant print promoting my region and he immediately recognized as my photo, also because he was with me when I shoot it, in 2013.

I well remember this shot as it was the first time in my life I forgot my camera equipment at home while traveling to the south of Italy. Don’t ask me how it happens, but I realized that I left the bag at home when I parked at the airport, so it was too late…. Imagine how shocked I was… 🙂

Hopefully, I had my first ever bought reflex camera still at my parent’s home, an old Canon Eos 450D with a zoom lens Tamron 17-50 f2.8

Here is the original picture that was shot in Puglia region, in the countryside around my hometown, Mola di Bari. It’s about ancient olive trees in a field of red and green salads.

Canon Eos 450D – Tamron 17-50 f2.8 at 30mm

Here are some few more shots from that day:

2. Featured on The Telegraph (UK)

Today, while searching on Google typing my name, I spotted this new feature. Anyway, this is not the first time my pictures appear on this famous magazine. Probably they always check and buy pictures from my portfolio at Fotolia. A happy customer then 🙂

The online pages of The Telegraph, in the Travel section, have published an article about Malawi, Africa, featuring a couple of my pictures.

The full article can be read here:


These pictures were taken during my wonderful and unforgettable overland journey between Malawi and Zambia with AfricaWildTruck, a great specialized travel agency based in Malawi.

If you dream a trip to Africa, I highly recommend it!

More success stories on my website

If you want to see some more features or success stories, I’m collecting them on my personal website here:


That’s all for today. If you spot one of my pictures on the web or in real places,
please do not hesitate to report it to me, I will be very grateful.

Grazie mille,

I’m in the Top100 Travel Photography blog on the planet!!!

What a good news today! My MorningCoffee blog has been awarded as one of the Top 100 Travel Photography Blog on the planet… can you imagine that?  Well, maybe is too much, but still… 🙂

This Top100 rank came out from a research made by Feedspot.com, an RSS feed reader, based on data collected from different sources.


The blogs are ranked based on following criteria

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Find the complete article with the Top 100 list here:

Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs and Websites for Travel Photographers

What’s next?

If I consider that I started this blog less than one year ago, this is already an incredible step that gives me further motivations to continue on this path. Travel Photography is my passion and my job at the same time.My aim is to fill this place with lots of stories and pictures from my journeys and my daily experiences, so this award is for me a starting point toward a much longer path. I’ve plenty of ideas on how to make this blog even better and nicer, but It cannot be a success without your interest and appreciation as readers and followers.

New posts are shortly coming with lots of pictures and stories from my latest trip to Andalusia, so please, keep following me and feel free to share my content around.

Grazie a tutti,






One year with a Leica M: would I make this choice again?

We all know, photographers are never happy and there is no perfect camera out there, because, especially when talking about professional photography, each application requires a different type of camera setup. That’s why it has led me to make a series of reflections that you will read below about the goodness of the choice made exactly a year ago when, due to a strong lack of “Full Frame”, I decided to sell everything about my Fuji kit to make the big and challenging step to the Leica M expensive world.

Why I decided to move to Leica M

It was not a simple choice because I used the Fuji X system for four years and I was completely satisfied. I still think it is one of the best on the market. But there was something missing for me, the full sensor, or full frame. Not only because of the deeper depth and richness of the details, but also because the reduced sensor, APS-C, did not allow me to fully use the vintage lenses that have been adapted, dimming them into their original focal length. So without taking it for long, I bought a Leica M, typ 262, the model without live view and video.

In Thailand, with a Fuji X-E1

In Morocco, with a Fuji X-E2

In Japan, with a Fuji X-T1

In Vietnam, with a Leica M

After exactly one year of intense use, would I make this choice again?

If I had to base my judgment on the first three months, I would doubtless say NO!
I think that for anyone, got used to fully automatic reflex systems, switch to a rangefinder system, it’s almost a self-punishment. In the first months of use I came to hate it, everything seemed unnecessarily difficult and tedious, and the out of focus shots were wasted.

But once fully learnt, when the mutation occurs, first of all, mental than physical, in conceiving differently the way photography is done, well, I started toreally love my Leica M. That’s how I felt more and more comfortable and comfortable and the best results were also achieved. I really enjoyed the discretion and quality of both the body and the final photo, and also the excellent battery life. Moreover, its extraordinary ability to operate in full manual with the zone focus technique. A Copernican revolution for me, which led me to look back and understand what really photography is, its essence, basically built by three simple parameters, aperture, speed and iso, with the final picture built in mind.

Scicli, Sicilia – Leica M with the Sum 28mm, the perfect combo for street photography

Vietnam, Hoi An – Street candid portrait with a Leica M and Elmarit 90mm

Polignano, Italy – Street candid portrait with a Leica M and Sum 28mm

But I was still missing something…

After the period I was totally in love with my camera, in the next six months, I began to feel something was missing… First of all, I did not have the opportunity to adapt the third-party or vintage lenses because of the absence of the live view. Furthermore, I did not have the wi-fi, allowing me to immediately transfer photos to my mobile and then upload them to my social channels or blog. And last, I missed the opportunity to make proper macro-photography, also due to the for the absence of the live view. Cuold I live without those thing? Mmmm… maybe not…

In short, I missed a certain level of versatility, from my camera

I tried using Leica M for commercial jobs such as still life and food as well as landscapes, but the result was not satisfactory because It was not so simple and easy. On the other hand, I got amazing results when I pair the Leica M with the Summicron Asph 28mm f2,, to tell a story or to capture a time of life on the roa, or for pure street reportages,.

Landscapes with a Leica M

Food photography with a Leica M

My conclusions

After a year of use, I realised that the Leica M is the perfect system for street photography. Simply the TOP! It is in this field that Leica M reveals itself as impeccable and fun to use and I really love that.. To date, if I have to go out on the street to capture local life, an event or a street market, I have no doubt, I bring with me the Leica M with the Summicron Asph 28mm f2 or. in case, I alternate with the also great Summicron 50mm f2 to make some candid portraits.

Ma per tutto il resto, credo che sia meglio un sistema piĂą completo, moderno,versatile e automatizzato.

My conclusion is that YES, I would buy again the Leica M,
BUT, pairing it with another pro camera for anything other than street.

So I decided that my perfect combination would be Leica M (maybe the M10) for everything that’s street, event, market, while for all commercial and / or studio shooting, still life products, I have to pair with another camera. For this reason, is already about a month, I’m considering all the possibilities, digging into Leica, Sony Alpha and Canon. Yes, the new Sony Alpha 9 is a possibility, but I feel it more like a trending camera/brand that everyone wants to have because it is cool ….

Leica M typ 262 – Why yes

  • Dimensions and discretion, perfect for street and travel photography
  • High quality of Leica M lenses
  • La bellezza dei piani fuori fuoco Leica. Non so spiegalro, ma la resa è molto piacevole e realistica.
  • The simplicity and usability of the M system
  • Very good battery life (around 600 shots)
  • The richness of the DNG files, easy to manage in Lightroom and rich in information especially in the shadows.
  • In general, the non-devaluation of Leica material. The tranquillity of an investment that can be recovered even after years.

Leica M 262

Leica M typ 262 – Why not

  • No Live View
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No video (not a minus for me, though)
  • Can not adapt third-party lenses
  • Not  possible to do Macro
  • In general, The high cost of the Leica world, any modification or change, that is a lens or a small accessory, costs so much.

That said, here’s how I’ll change my equipment

All these thoughts have brought me to a decision:

I must have two professional cameras dedicated to the two specific areas of photography I work in.

  • Travel e Street Photography: Leica M 262 / upgrade to Leica M10
  • Commercial and Still life (Food):  TBD (Sony Alpha/Canon/Leica?)

Surely there will be news short, but in the waiting, I would like to read some of your advice or experiences

A presto, grazie

Big News: I’ve been invited to the Leica special event on January 2017

Today I received an email that made me happy as a child, and I never imagine it could ever happen. An early and very welcomed, Christmas gift.
I’ve been invited to the special event Leica, at the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, “Celebration of Photography”, a two days event, where most likely will be introduced the new Leica M (10?),  and where there will be the award ceremony and the meeting with the great photographer, Joel Meyerovitz.

Here is the invitation and the confirmation of the event registration

“Dear Mr Parente,
Dear friends of photography and the Leica brand,

As you know, we have been concentrating on “Das Wesentliche” for more than 100 years. Concentrating on what makes our hearts beat faster: Photography. The art of photography. The perfect picture.

We would, therefore, like to invite you to our “Celebration of Photography” in the Leitz Park on the evening of January 18, 2017, where you can join us in welcoming the seventh photographer to be honoured with the “Leica Hall of Fame Award”:

Joel Meyerowitz

This award expresses our profound appreciation of his lifework. By the way, the award winner will be discussing his life and work in the morning on January 19, 2017.

Enjoy a special evening with us at our “Celebration of Photography” – together with friends of Leica, photographers, artists, journalists, and prominent and international guests – in other words, with all those who, just like you, are friends of the Leica brand.
Under the motto “Inspiration sehen”, you will also have the chance to experience the latest milestone of Leica photography.”

A night with a red dot, for a daydreaming.

What a wonderful gift, a daydream for me. Two days immersed in the Photography world and in that of Leica, an experience that I will live with the eyes of those who are still young and unknown, but full of passion and motivations as a first class.

Obviously, I will write about these two days, tell the news from the Leica world, describe my impressions and the meetings i’ll have with other photographer or passionate like me.

So, save the date, and follow me on January 18th and 19th, 2017!

Have a good day,

Here is my new bag for traveling: Unboxing of the Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW (VIDEO)

After the thousand doubts a few days ago, here it is finally the chosen bag to accompany me on the next trip in Vietnam.

This is the Edge Lowepro Slingshot 250 AW, a completely different pattern from those that I have used recently. The reason why I preferred a sling bag a messenger is because for this type of travel, where there will be a lot of hiking, boating and cycling, carry a lateral weight would be much more ‘uncomfortable that you have everything on your back, thus allowing’ free movements.

In addition, this type of bag, with a quick and easy gesture passes from the back to the chest, allowing easy access to all compartments. The advantage to own a Leica M equipment, saves me a lot of space and avoids me the use of a heavy bulky and uncomfortable bag.

Now I leave you to watch the video on my YouTube channel, in which I try to show and explain the reason for my choice.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OrdTf661Us[/embedyt]



Grazie per la visione,

A good read before bed, travel guide and street photography inspirations

After defined and bought the flight tickets for my next travel destination, Vietnam, it’s time for one of my favourite part of the whole trip: the preparation.

This is to me a very exciting and serious process, it’s where the journey begins, booking accommodations, local transportations, searching for tips, advices and starting to feel the place somehow.



I don’t fix everything in advance as I want to also decide on site, but I like to build the main path of the whole itinerary.
And for tonight i have two very helpful reads:

The classic and indispensable Lonely Planet (Vietnam), who will help me to get the best out of this trip and will be my bible along the way.

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb “On street photography and the poetic image”, a fundamental book for whoever does street photography and a very inspirational read within lots of expert insights from one of my favourite photographer.

The journey begins with a single step ( cit.) and that’s what i’m doing right now, just moving the first step into this new amazing and exciting trip.

Buona Notte,

Back(pack) on track! Ready to travel again…

It’s been almost 20 months since my last big trip outside Europe, in Cuba, March 2015, an eternity ‘for someone like me mad to travel, but you know, life often asks for breaks or delays, for whatever reason. Today, finally, I’m ready to put the backpack on my shoulders and go smell the road, the noise of the markets, the humid, sticky air, long walks, smiles and street portraits.

And my next destination is?

All this can only bring me to one place in the world, Indochina or South East Asia, that wonderful land which includes Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. I have already visited two among them, Thailand and Malaysia, I probably miss the most ‘fascinating. I love these places, so ‘rich in humanity and spirituality’, smiles and amazing food, and I decided, to a week of departure, to cancel the already scheduled trip to Japan. No, nothing against Japan, indeed, but i’ve already been there, and photographed far and wide, and beyond this, I felt a great need of a warm place and above all to escape from the city ‘, from megastore with subway , and from the heavy clothes and grey clouds. No, it was not the right time to return to Tokyo. and Kyoto…

And so the next destination will be: Vietnam


I have too much desire of street food and genuine people, long slow trips on the old local trains, stunning natural landscapes and relaxed evenings sipping a local beer.


15 days in Vietnam

it came back the “wanderlust“, the adrenaline for traveling, the curiosity ‘to new places, and insane desire to photograph.
The itinerary is ‘yet to be determined but the main idea is to start from Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, and end in Hanoi with a visit to Hoi An, Sapa and of course to Ha Long Bay. 15 days in total, a beautiful intense trip.

Next step: preparing the camera bag

Defined the destination, now begin the thousand doubts phase about what to put in my camera bag, which lenses, which accessories, and so on.. The only certain thing  is my Leica M. Thus, in the coming days, as soon as I decided this, I will reveal my camera bag, which equipment will I take with me.

Hence, stay tuned because the next will be an intense period, and beautiful rich of photos !!!

Ciao ciao,


Here are some pictures from my trip to Thailand, just to show the kind of trip i meant before, which kind of experiences i’m looking for…

img_6033 img_5967 img_5935 img_6051 img_5906 img_6321