Featured! New photo publications in Uk and Italy…

Selling on the stock photos agencies as Fotolia and Shutterstock it is great but it has the downside of not knowing who bought my pictures and where they will be printed and published. So, time to time, either I do a research on my name on Google, or someone just writes me saying “hey, I’ve seen a picture there that seems one of yours…”.

And here are two new features that iI discovered in these days, coming from UK and Italy.

1. Featured in a Shopping Center giant installation (Italy)

In this case, my daddy reported me this, while walking in this huge shopping center, Auchan, in Casamassima, province of Bari, south of Italy, the place where I came from, actually. He spotted this giant print promoting my region and he immediately recognized as my photo, also because he was with me when I shoot it, in 2013.

I well remember this shot as it was the first time in my life I forgot my camera equipment at home while traveling to the south of Italy. Don’t ask me how it happens, but I realized that I left the bag at home when I parked at the airport, so it was too late…. Imagine how shocked I was… 🙂

Hopefully, I had my first ever bought reflex camera still at my parent’s home, an old Canon Eos 450D with a zoom lens Tamron 17-50 f2.8

Here is the original picture that was shot in Puglia region, in the countryside around my hometown, Mola di Bari. It’s about ancient olive trees in a field of red and green salads.

Canon Eos 450D – Tamron 17-50 f2.8 at 30mm

Here are some few more shots from that day:

2. Featured on The Telegraph (UK)

Today, while searching on Google typing my name, I spotted this new feature. Anyway, this is not the first time my pictures appear on this famous magazine. Probably they always check and buy pictures from my portfolio at Fotolia. A happy customer then 🙂

The online pages of The Telegraph, in the Travel section, have published an article about Malawi, Africa, featuring a couple of my pictures.

The full article can be read here:


These pictures were taken during my wonderful and unforgettable overland journey between Malawi and Zambia with AfricaWildTruck, a great specialized travel agency based in Malawi.

If you dream a trip to Africa, I highly recommend it!

More success stories on my website

If you want to see some more features or success stories, I’m collecting them on my personal website here:


That’s all for today. If you spot one of my pictures on the web or in real places,
please do not hesitate to report it to me, I will be very grateful.

Grazie mille,

Featured on “The Telegraph” with my picture of Siena

Another nice discover today: my picture of Siena, “Piazza del Palio” in featured on “The Telegraph”, Travel and Destinations, for an nice inspiring article promoting…

The 20 greatest destinations in Italy – and the best time to visit each one


The wonderful “Piazza del Palio” in Siena, Tuscany, Italy

Even though they write about Verona on the head of the post, Siena is a very special place to visit once in your life, full of charm and great food, of course.

If you like, you can see more pictures from this place  on my website.


Siena, Tuscany full gallery:


Buona giornata,

Featured on KLM IFLY magazine, October edition!

Today i had the pleasant surprise to see one of my favorite pictures featured in a full page of the online KLM magazine, IFLY.
The picture shows the amazing Neuschwanstein castle and is part of an article about the Romantic Strasse, in Germany, the wonderful path crossing the Bavarian region.

I took this picture exactly one year ago, October; it was my first time visiting this wonder and i choose autumn period by purpose, in order to have the beautiful color palette that only this season can show. And, indeed, it was a great experience, feeling like being in a fairy tale. This is a place i highly suggest you to visit if you have the opportunity.

Find here the online article: https://www.iflymagazine.com/en_us/october-2016/travelschedule-romantische

KLM IFLY magazine October 2016

KLM IFLY magazine, October 2016

If you like, you can see more pictures from this place  on my website.


Neuschwanstein Castle full gallery:


Buona giornata,

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