That is my choice: Leica SL

After several weeks of dubbing, googling, reading reviews and watching videos on YouTube, it was enough to have an advice from a very good friend of me, Ryu from Newoldcamera to illuminate the way to choosing the right camera to pair with my Leica M. As already mentioned in the recent post (HERE), I came to the conclusion that the Leica M with the Summicron 28mm ASPH f2 is the perfect camera for the street photos, while I needed a professional body for all those commercial shots, such as the still life of products and food, studio portraits and landscapes. In addition, I was in great need of a system that would allow me to adapt third-party or vintage lenses, having so many at home, and having wi-fi transmission of photos directly to a mobile device, phone or tablet.

And so let me now welcome this wonderful jewel, Leica SL, the highly discussed professional mirrorless camera from Wetzlar.


Why Leica and not Sony

To be honest, I had never considered Leica SL as a choice, perhaps because there is not so much hype about it, (also because is already 2 years on the market) but I was more inclined to the Leica M10, eventually.
Then for several weeks, I was investigating about the Sony Alpha 7II or 7RII, thinking it was the best solution on the market. And I was almost convinced to go to for the new Sony Alpha 9, the latest release and, apparently, according to the reviews, a technology perfection.
But something within me has always made me desist, and this is something inside the Leica world and its extraordinary quality and stability., no matter what camera model is. I have to admit, I’ve never used Sony, so mine are only assumptions and I can easily make a mistake in my judgments, but the last thing I’m looking for is a trandy camera full of buttons, ultra-advanced features, ultra-fast raffle and, above all, full of marketing arguments.

But, the aspect that more than any other, keeps me attached to the Leica system, is the quality and performance of its files. I do not know how to explain it, but the three-dimensionality of the images, combined with the beauty of the out of focus plans, I’ve never found something so perfect in the systems I used in the past.

Leica makes me feel safe and serene. Yes, It cost so much, of course, but worth every penny you invest on it, believe me.

Leica, an essential system. Let’s only focus on pure photography

Finally, I adore the essence and minimalism of Leica bodies, as I adore the Apple style, where they are very similar. As I’ve said so many times in the past,

With the Leica I can concentrate only on photography, the camera becomes a beautiful and functional extension of my body, without being a bulky protagonist.

The Leica SL is a jewel of design, a unique, clean body, without any labels on those few buttons. No distraction, just the essential.

My first impression

Frankly speaking, this time I completely trusted the advice of my friend Ryu from N.O.C., without ever having tried this camera. I expected to be much bigger and more clumsy in some way, but the grip in the hands is great and pleasant, as well as very stable. The body is also very thin, being a mirrorless, so it does not clutter more than so.

Of course, I espect to find some defects, but I cannot tell you of any, for the moment. I did not have time to try it yet, I gave a quick look at the 4.4Mpx viewfinder and quickly used the touch screen, and everything seems perfect to me.

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The real stress test, from tomorrow, in Andalusia.

Now I just have to try it and luckily, from tomorrow I will be on a road trip to Andalusia, for 10 days, so that is a perfect opportunity. I have no native Sl lenses so I will use my Leica M lenses and maybe M42 lenses, thanks to the adapters.

The only problem is that I only have one night to get in touch with the car and understand how it works.

So, keep following me as in the next 10 there will be a lot of new pictures and cool stories to tell.

A presto,

Fotografo corporate e di eventi.