Ad occhi aperti, my day in pictures – 28 Oct 2017

Ad occhi aperti, means “with eyes open”, in italian, my mother language.

The aim of this blog series is to show and share, at the end of each day, what my eyes have seen and what captured my attention, what triggered my emotions above all.

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

All the pictures have been taken with my iPhone 8Plus.

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The day cannot begin without an italian espresso and a delicious pastry made by my mamma


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Searching for new and nice xmas decoration for my next photo shooting…

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Just me fooling around in the shopping center 🙂

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The shopping basket for the next photo shooting on the theme of Xmas.

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This is the place where I often go to find props and decorations for my photography sets. A A second hand shop, in Luxembourg

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Unpacking my new “toy”: Nikon PC-E 85mm f2.8 Tilt and Shift lens for my Food Photography

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Back in the shopping centre, with my wife, as foolish as me… 🙂

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Preparing the dinner, a speciality from my region: gnocco fritto (fried dough) and prosciutto di parma/ prosciutto cotto.

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Finally relaxing with a good reading

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Have a good night,

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