Food Photography: the Farm Cookies

Remember the special model waiting for a photo shooting a few days ago? In the meantime, I’ve been to Milan so I had no time to follow up on this.

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But today I can finally unveil the secret and show you them in all their beauty. And you know, the weekend is Food Photography time for me!

Another wonderful homemade cookie set from Sweet Inc Luxembourg

My talented friend, this time prepared a set of cute and delicious farm animals, like sheep, pig, horse, duck and cow.

Sweet Inc Luxembourg.
have a look at her Facebook page, other than the photo series below, to really enjoy the beauty of those creations. And, of course, they also taste great!!!

To order any kind of decorated cookies or cakes, please contact Sweet Inc. :

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The tools

  • Camera: Leica SL
  • Lens: Leica APO Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm f/2.8
  • Flash: 1 Flash lamp on the right
  • Reflector: Lastolite round reflector 50mm
  • Various props and decorations

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The final pictures

The shooting took me half a day, it was a simple setting, but I will show you the “behind the scenes” in a separate post, next week. Now enjoy the final pictures.

The Farm cookies – Series of 13

– 1 –

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– 2 –

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– 3 –

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– 4 –

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– 5 –

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– 6 –

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– 7 –

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– 8 –

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– 9 –

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– 10 –

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– 11 –

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– 12 –

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– 13 –

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Useful links:

To buy as prints or digital high resolution files, please go to my official porfolio page here:

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To buy as royalty free Stock photo images

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Thanks for reading, and see you for the next food shooting!



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