Street photo walk in Luxembourg city with the new iPhone 8 Plus: a gorgeous camera that will surprise you!

Yes, I’ve bought the brand new iPhone 8Plus, but no, it wasn’t for a caprice, instead, I took the opportunity as my 6s went broken just a few days before… (good excuse, isn’t?)

Anyway, I had few doubts before buying, because of the expensive price and the big size, but now, after a couple of days of usage, I don’t regret at all:

the iPhone 8 Plus is more than just a phone, is a powerful tablet and a high quality camera.

One of the main reasons why I chose the 8 Plus is the new camera features, different from the standard 8 model. Indeed, the 8 Plus has two 12 Mp cameras, wide angle and telephoto, while the standard 8 model has just one. And also the new portrait mode is an exclusivity of the 8 Plus.

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But let’s see the technical specs:

  • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
  • Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
  • Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture
  • Optical zoom; digital zoom up to 10x
  • Portrait mode
  • Portrait Lighting (beta)
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Six‑element lens
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash with Slow Sync
  • Panorama (up to 63MP)
  • Noise reduction
  • Auto HDR for photos
  • Auto image stabilization
  • Photo geotagging

As you can see, from the list above, the new specs are really promising and interesting too, but, hey, the main focus of this post is photography, so, I will not annoy you by talking about the beauty of this iPhone:

it’s time to show you the real pictures i took after a pleasant promenade in the lovely city I live, Luxembourg.

All the pictures have not been retouched or altered, so what you see is the result straight out of the iPhone.

Gallery – Photo walk in Luxembourg city with an iPhone 8 Plus


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This new iPhone 8Plus is extremely good, powerful and fast, other than having a wonderful design. On a photography point of view, the two 12 Mp cameras, wide-angle lens with 1.8 aperture and a telephoto lens, with a 2.8 aperture, together with the new “portrait mode” feature, makes this phone become a truly high-quality photo-camera for everyday usage and street photography.

The iPhone 8Plus can be a very good backup or side camera paired with my Leica SL, to be used in those situations where you need to be very light and discreet.

Well done Apple, once again!

Thanks for reading,



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