Big News: I’ve been invited to the Leica special event on January 2017

Today I received an email that made me happy as a child, and I never imagine it could ever happen. An early and very welcomed, Christmas gift.
I’ve been invited to the special event Leica, at the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, “Celebration of Photography”, a two days event, where most likely will be introduced the new Leica M (10?),  and where there will be the award ceremony and the meeting with the great photographer, Joel Meyerovitz.

Here is the invitation and the confirmation of the event registration

“Dear Mr Parente,
Dear friends of photography and the Leica brand,

As you know, we have been concentrating on “Das Wesentliche” for more than 100 years. Concentrating on what makes our hearts beat faster: Photography. The art of photography. The perfect picture.

We would, therefore, like to invite you to our “Celebration of Photography” in the Leitz Park on the evening of January 18, 2017, where you can join us in welcoming the seventh photographer to be honoured with the “Leica Hall of Fame Award”:

Joel Meyerowitz

This award expresses our profound appreciation of his lifework. By the way, the award winner will be discussing his life and work in the morning on January 19, 2017.

Enjoy a special evening with us at our “Celebration of Photography” – together with friends of Leica, photographers, artists, journalists, and prominent and international guests – in other words, with all those who, just like you, are friends of the Leica brand.
Under the motto “Inspiration sehen”, you will also have the chance to experience the latest milestone of Leica photography.”

13 12 2016 10 35 58

A night with a red dot, for a daydreaming.

What a wonderful gift, a daydream for me. Two days immersed in the Photography world and in that of Leica, an experience that I will live with the eyes of those who are still young and unknown, but full of passion and motivations as a first class.

Obviously, I will write about these two days, tell the news from the Leica world, describe my impressions and the meetings i’ll have with other photographer or passionate like me.

So, save the date, and follow me on January 18th and 19th, 2017!

Have a good day,

Fotografo corporate e di eventi.