Vietnam – Day 3 – Life on Mekong delta

This third day of travel, we will discover the life that takes place all around the Mekong and among his dark and dense waters. Obviously markets (Cai Be), but also small handicraft factories, such as bricks of clay and daily life that we observed in the slow and pleasant navigation along its canals. All very nice, a tour lasted about 4 hours and made tailored just for two of us.

Total tour cost: 600.000VDN (25 €)

Cai Be market

Maybe because we arrived late here, at 10 am, the famous float market was predictably, a few boats, a few colors, pretty anonymous. Or maybe it was a good thing, because the atmosphere was not that touristic, and so perfect for my photos.

Hellooooo, what’s your name?

Finally, in the afternoon, we ride an old bike, on the narrow road along the river, until we get to the main village, Dong Phu, where, a the time when kids goes out from school, we were literally overwhelmed by the warmth of the locals, the smiles and the continuing “helloooo, what’s your name?” shouted by all children, to us foreigners. Pure life, simple but wonderful people!

The famous Elephant fish

For dinner, we tried the famous Elephant fish (because of its similar shape to the ear of an elephant “, fished in the pond outside our room, fried and served “standing “, as is traditional.

My photography, how was?

Today I enjoyed it very much with my Leica, lots of street (or water) photos and so many people, in markets and villages. 90% of the time I used the wonderful Summicron 28 f2 ASPHS, because it allowed me to include in the composition much more of the life I had in front of me. I bless the day I decided to sell the 35mm f2 ASPH to take this 28, because it is of a much higher quality level. Every so often, from the boat, I used the excellent the 90 f2.8 Elmarit, to capture some distant scene or detail.

Now I leave you with the day 3 summary for images, taken with the iphone.

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