Food Photography – The Unicorn cookies made by Sweet Inc.

You know how I love food, either to prepare (cooking, baking…) or to photograph and, from this week on, I want to dedicate every Saturday to this subject.

Because Saturday is the day we can finally enjoy our time and have great lunch or dinner, away from the week pressure.

Each Saturday, I will show you behind the scenes of my photo sessions, as well final pictures, and some Food Photography tips or DIY decorations.

Saturday is my Food Photography day!

What’s better than starting this blog series with a Unicorn? So I hope it will bring me luck and good vibes!

Wonderful homemade cookies from Sweet Inc Luxembourg

The good news is that I’ve recently started a cool collaboration with a very talented girl who makes stunning and beautiful cookies and cakes, Sweet Inc Luxembourg. I suggest you to have a look at her Facebook page, other than the photo series below, to really enjoy the beauty of those creations. And, of course, they also taste great!!!

To order any kind of decorated cookies or cakes, please contact Sweet Inc. :

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The tools

  • Camera: Leica SL
  • Lens: Leica APO Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm f/2.8
  • Flashflash Speedlite 580EX II
  • Reflector: Lastolite round reflector 50mm
  • Various props and decorations

The final pictures

The shooting took me half a day, it was a simple setting, but I will show you the “behind the scenes” in a separate post, next week. Now enjoy the final pictures.

The Unicorn cookies – Series of 15

– 1 –

BAAB3452 27D7 4F66 B465 62A11E1BEF32

– 2 –

6EFB32B1 D654 449B 9021 DD6D85A7EBF3

– 3 –

BAC041CF 75A4 4272 815A 0B90C0789EBB

– 4 –

B517CC98 B964 438E 9A5F E85C5EEB5A60

– 5 –

5AB4EC4B 6896 4118 9648 05AB2959E7F6

– 6 –

7A9CFB84 BC7C 4263 9561 102B03D4514C

– 7 –

5492D389 CEDB 419E B2EE F8929357A365

– 8 –

94FE0433 F27E 478E 8667 3A685908B371

– 9 –

3BFCD7DE 6D0B 49DD B664 C4D1A86E7F47

– 10 –

5F425521 40AB 43DA 9D30 B3CB61E7A9A5

– 11 –

B78B66A3 7AA0 44FD 8D9C 0E48BEC85A8F

– 12 –

E019B0C9 1787 4D6E 9DF0 9172A659808D

– 13 –

95649373 4EA8 4F2B 9D6D 616B072931DD

– 14 –
9CD38C2F 40EE 4A9A 8F03 CCCDA62371E3

– 15 –
744FEC4F F9E4 4BD5 9EE8 167610FDE79C

Useful links:

To buy as prints or digital high resolution files, please go to my official porfolio page here:

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To buy as royalty free Stock photo images

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Thanks for reading, and see you for the next food shooting!



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