Vietnam – Day 1 – Ho Chi Minh

The first contact with Vietnam I loved it, I found all those armosfere and situations that made me fall in love with Asia on my trip to Thailand.

Ho Chi Minh, love it or hate it

Ho Chi Minh is a messy box but contains all the classic elements of Indochina: the street food, markets, scooters, the heat and humidity, the smiles of the people, good and less good smells, the organized chaos, and life … so much life.

Ho Chi Minh is not particularly beautiful, but it’s alive, it’s a constantly moving creature, a long snake that crawls, twists on itself, but sharp and slippery.

Ho Chi Minh you love it or you hate it, but to appreciate the best should not  live it as a tourist taking all the conveniences and comforts. You have to mingle with locals, take local bus, eating in the markets, walk as much as possible.

I have lived so intensely, and for that I really liked.


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