Orecchiette baresi, inside the old town Bari.

Bari vecchia, the old town of this beautiful city on the seaside of Puglia, south of Italy, has a strong tradition about home made pasta, especially the orecchiette, these tiny delights that match perfectly with turnips or tomato sauce… mhhh…

No, you cannot miss it, and before even thinking to photograph it, you must first try it 🙂

My roots are from this sunny side of Italy, from a small town just few kilometers from Bari and, shame on me, i’ve never had the opportunity to walk and photograph the old town, the famous Bari Vecchia, a place full of life and traditions, like the “nonna” making home made “orecchiette baresi” using an ancient technique handed down from grandmother to grandmother.

Finally, few days ago, i was spending some time with my family, the weather was nice, of course, and i decided to go, with my lovely Fuji X-T1 in my hand, looking for a “nonna” making orecchiette in Bari Vecchia.

And i found a delicious one, not a touristic spot, but a real Nonna, in a tiny and cosy house full of holy statues and saints. The lady let me enter in her place and that’s already something that i miss here in Luxembourg where i actually live: the human contact with anyone, without any suspicion, like being part of a big family.

We started a nice conversation about family and life while she was continuously making orecchiette without even looking at the table, with smooth and natural movements of her hands. Like a magician, the little pieces of pasta were rolling on the table, as seconds that mark the time of her life. Oh it was so beautiful, breathing life…

I took many pictures, there was not much light inside but i didn’t use any flash just because i wanted to catch the actual atmosphere in the room, a kind of holy place.

Then of course i bought a little bag of fresh pasta and i can tell you how delicious was once on my table, cooked by my mum… Buonissima! 🙂

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