Food Photography: Making of Orecchiette pasta

And here comes the weekend and so it is Food time! Last Sunday I was busy in making of fresh Orecchiette, a typical pasta from Puglia region in the south of Italy.

It was a fun photo shooting, also thanks to the support and participation of my wonderful wife.

Saturday is my Food Photography day!

Today I show you a selection of the 10 final pictures from this photo shooting, with just a bit of post editing with Adobe Lightroom, as the pictures were almost perfect in camera.


The tools

  • Camera: Leica SL
  • Lens: Leica APO Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm f/2.8
  • Reflector: Lastolite round reflector 50mm
  • Various props and decorations

The final pictures

The shooting took me half a day, it was a simple setting, but I will show you the “behind the scenes” in a separate post. Now enjoy the final pictures.

Orecchiette pasta, making of – Series of 10

– 1 –

2BE23649 82FB 466B AD78 5C35BB9C18FC

– 2 –

535886A3 D6E2 47D9 9833 AAC7908D7EF1

– 3 –


– 4 –

0B823E48 933D 42FE A019 54508A05CBE5

– 5 –

F99CA207 7664 4027 AD90 7471CCA037BA

– 6 –

B838376A 91CC 40D3 92CF F2FE8E9FF916

– 7 –

24EA302E 3032 40FC AC92 A78FDDBEA878

– 8 –

A5070A26 7A6B 4EB7 AE0C C6A974BE9073

– 9 –

7F4737C3 6B85 4FE3 B8FE 9F787B0300D9

– 10 –

01BB37CE E3F9 459A A023 20D233ED97C5

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Thanks for reading, and see you for the next food shooting!



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