Here is my new bag for traveling: Unboxing of the Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW (VIDEO)

After the thousand doubts a few days ago, here it is finally the chosen bag to accompany me on the next trip in Vietnam.

This is the Edge Lowepro Slingshot 250 AW, a completely different pattern from those that I have used recently. The reason why I preferred a sling bag a messenger is because for this type of travel, where there will be a lot of hiking, boating and cycling, carry a lateral weight would be much more ‘uncomfortable that you have everything on your back, thus allowing’ free movements.

In addition, this type of bag, with a quick and easy gesture passes from the back to the chest, allowing easy access to all compartments. The advantage to own a Leica M equipment, saves me a lot of space and avoids me the use of a heavy bulky and uncomfortable bag.

Now I leave you to watch the video on my YouTube channel, in which I try to show and explain the reason for my choice.




Grazie per la visione,

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