Back(pack) on track! Ready to travel again…

It’s been almost 20 months since my last big trip outside Europe, in Cuba, March 2015, an eternity ‘for someone like me mad to travel, but you know, life often asks for breaks or delays, for whatever reason. Today, finally, I’m ready to put the backpack on my shoulders and go smell the road, the noise of the markets, the humid, sticky air, long walks, smiles and street portraits.

And my next destination is?

All this can only bring me to one place in the world, Indochina or South East Asia, that wonderful land which includes Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia. I have already visited two among them, Thailand and Malaysia, I probably miss the most ‘fascinating. I love these places, so ‘rich in humanity and spirituality’, smiles and amazing food, and I decided, to a week of departure, to cancel the already scheduled trip to Japan. No, nothing against Japan, indeed, but i’ve already been there, and photographed far and wide, and beyond this, I felt a great need of a warm place and above all to escape from the city ‘, from megastore with subway , and from the heavy clothes and grey clouds. No, it was not the right time to return to Tokyo. and Kyoto…

And so the next destination will be: Vietnam


I have too much desire of street food and genuine people, long slow trips on the old local trains, stunning natural landscapes and relaxed evenings sipping a local beer.


15 days in Vietnam

it came back the “wanderlust“, the adrenaline for traveling, the curiosity ‘to new places, and insane desire to photograph.
The itinerary is ‘yet to be determined but the main idea is to start from Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, and end in Hanoi with a visit to Hoi An, Sapa and of course to Ha Long Bay. 15 days in total, a beautiful intense trip.

Next step: preparing the camera bag

Defined the destination, now begin the thousand doubts phase about what to put in my camera bag, which lenses, which accessories, and so on.. The only certain thing  is my Leica M. Thus, in the coming days, as soon as I decided this, I will reveal my camera bag, which equipment will I take with me.

Hence, stay tuned because the next will be an intense period, and beautiful rich of photos !!!

Ciao ciao,


Here are some pictures from my trip to Thailand, just to show the kind of trip i meant before, which kind of experiences i’m looking for…

img_6033 img_5967 img_5935 img_6051 img_5906 img_6321

Fotografo corporate e di eventi.