Vietnam – Day 5 – Hoi An, elegant and frivolous

If there is a place that you really must not miss on your trip to Vietnam, this is Hoi An. Despite being heavily tourist, with all faults resulting from it, its beauty, elegance and frivolity, make it unique and special however. Colorful, lively and full of locals, here you will find perhaps the best food and you will be overwhelmed by its vibrant and romantic atmosphere.

And why not, do yourself a nice dress tailored

One of a kind, also tailoring offering, that invades every street outside the historic center. Although it would seem not, I can assure you that if you choose the right one (see my reccomandation below), the service and quality are really top level. And all in less than 24 hours!

But hey, at 21:30 the lanterns along the river are off!

What a disappointment! I arrived in the old town at 21:15 and I had just the time to take 3-4 photos in the nicer viewpoints when, suddenly, all those wonderful lanterns in the trees and along the river, were off. I wanted to cry … my last night in Hoi An, I will not have another chance to photograph it as well. Patience.

How was my photography?

Great day! Hoi An is very photogenic and colorful, with very interesting views. In addition, cycling out of town, it allowed me to make a couple of wonderful portraits and scenes of local life. Today I used a lot the Leica Elmarit 90mm f2.8, because I made several portraits that i look forward to show you. In Vietnam, people can be photographed with no problem, sometimes they ask for money, it is then up to your good heart if you give them or not. In the evening, with the streets decorated with beautiful lanterns, I used a tripod and a Leica Summicron 28 f2 ASPH.

Useful information

  • WARNING! When you enter the Japanese bridge, a guard will stop and tell you that to cross it, you require a ticket that then gives you free access to all museums: NOT TRUE! If you are not interested in museums, but want to visit the part of Hoi An over the bridge, simply walk around and take the small side streets. Do not need any ticket!
  • WARNING 2! At 21:30, the lanterns in the trees along the river and the lights on the Japanese bridge, are switched off and after a few minutes, the rest of the shops and bars close. At 22 everything is almost finished!
  • Take a bike and go out of town, toward the “Pottery Village”. Along the way you will find many magnificent scenes of local life, as well as a small fish market! During this journey I made some beautiful portraits.
  • Tailoring: go to Kimmy, impeccable service and excellent quality. I guarantee!
  • For a drink and a small but very nice environment, go to Mot cafe, downtown.

The day in pictures (iphone 6s)

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