Foto Serie #01: Monsoni – Sotto una pioggia battente

Oggi voglio inaugurare una nuova iniziativa che spero di poter ripetere ogni settimana, tempo permettendo. l’ìdea è quella di pubblicare, una volta a settimana una foto serie, di 10 o 12 foto, su un tema preciso, come fosse una mostra online.

Queste serie fotografiche verranno pubblicate anche sul mio profilo Instagram e Twitter, oltre che sul mio sito principale ed ogni foto della serie è acquistabile come stampa firmata.

La serie di questa settimana si intitola:

Monsoni – Sotto una pioggia battente 

Queste 12 fotografie raccontano di un pomeriggio ad Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, alla fine della stagione dei Monsoni. Mentre camminavo, all’improvviso si è scatenato un violento temporale ed in questi casi, l’unica cosa da fare, anche per salvar el’attrezzatura fotografica, è ripararsi da qualche parte.
Ma invece che essere un fastidio, ho trasformato questa situazione in una opportunità ed ho cominciato ad osservare e fotografare, sempre dallo stesso punto di vista, quello che succedeva davanti a me e come la vita dei vietnamiti, perennemente alla guida di un motorino, fosse influenzata dalla violenta pioggia.

Tutte le foto sono state scattate con una Leica M (typ 262) ed un Summicron-M 28mm f2 ASPH.

(Per acquistare le stampe firmate di queste foto, vai al mio sito, qui.)

Grazie per la visione, mi piacerebbe ora leggere le vostre impressioni e critiche.

Grazie e buona giornata,

Puglia mon amour – 10 days of pure enjoyment

I have recently returned from a 10 day trip in Puglia, my homeland, where I decided to celebrate my 40 years, surrounded by my family and my loved. Waiting for a new photographic journey, this was a great opportunity to immerse me in the atmosphere, the smells, the sounds and the flavours of my homeland. This time I left home the Leica kit because I’m going to arrange a few of Food Photography sessions, to photograph a bit ‘typical Apulian food and produce new material for sale. For this reason, I have brought with me the Canon 5D Mk III, with 24-70mm f2.8 and 100mm f2.8 macro lenses, which then is that I use more ‘for this kind of photography (see below).

Home sweet home, with my “mamma”‘, the day of my 40 years bday.

Where I come from, all life revolves around food, everything is done in the function of the dinner and lunch, day by day, we discuss what to eat and prepare for the next day. My mother had asked me already for a week in advance, what I wanted to eat for this day .. 🙂

Just landed in the morning, with a Ryanair flight from Charleroi to Bari, after a couple of hours here I am sitting at a table full of wonderful flavours: fresh ricotta cheese, mozzarella, focaccia barese, stuffed artichokes, calzone and much much more, all masterfully prepared from my beautiful mother. And finally, after so many years, I tested again my favorite seafood, the sea urchins … simply delicious!
This, on March 4th, is the day of my birthday, so ‘I can not be on diet, I have to eat everything, even if you I will celebrate my birthday the next day at the restaurant.

And for dessert, the famous “Tits of the nuns”, a soft pastry filled with cream. Wonderful, but a good injection of calories.

This should be enough to convince you to come to Puglia, isn’t? 🙂

Deejay Ten in Bari, run like a “pulp” (octopus, in slang)

The first service for my 40 years now comes the day after, with a run of 10km to the Deejay Ten in Bari, in a windy and cool Sunday in March.  The event is beautiful, 10 thousand people, all with the same desire to run and have fun. Actually, I did not run all the 10km, because while running on the seaside, I was always tempted to take pictures, so ‘from time to time, I stopped to take pictures (with the iPhone), to the fishermen that proudly shows just curled octopus or open up fresh seafood.

The curl of octopus, which consists of repeatedly banging on the floor an octopus to make it more ‘tender and so curling the tentacles, is one of the most’ typical photogenic scenes that you may encounter if you walk along the waterfront of Bari, any day of the week
Tutta Bari in una foto: la birra Peroni, un uomo che apre le cozze crude, il mare.

Celebrating my 40’s

I’ll be honest, I know people use to say so, but really, I feel half, like 20 years old, not 40 certainly. But anyhow, for future reference, I am here to celebrate it in a very good restaurant in Monopoli, with my most ‘great loves: my father and my mother. What else?

Before having the cake, however, ‘we are due to go through FANTASTIC dishes, like this spaghetti with sea urchins, poetry and lust at the highest levels. LOVE

For those who may interest, I highly recommend this restaurant in the beautiful town of Monopoli:

Terrazzamare – not the usual “trattoria”, but delicate dishes and high quality food, other than a very pleasant environment and gentle staff. The owner, a Venetian, is also very friendly and competent.

Greetings from Salento

Small parenthesis of my stay in Puglia, a passage in Salento, the southern part of the region, home to my in-laws . The only pictures that testify this passage, concerns the wonderful seaside of San Pietro in Bevagna and a breakfast in Sant’Oronzo square in Lecce with the typical “pasticciotto” (sweet custard pastry filled with hot cream).

Two days of homemade Food Photography session

And after a few days of pure vacation, I am ready to devote myself a little ‘to my loved photography. As I had already planned, I organised a homemade Food Photography session, with two special assistants: my mother (at the lights) and my father (setting and model). 🙂

One of the subjects who I wanted to photograph since a long time and finally managed to do it are the beautiful sea urchins. Their photos are, oddly enough, very rare in the major microstock sites like Fotolia and Shutterstock, and I can not explain why. This is a very photogenic subject as well as very popular in the culinary world, not only in Italy. So much so that at the time of writing this post, after only two days from publications, I have already sold 10 pictures! Fantastic.

In the coming days I’ll post ‘the results of this two-day photoshooting. with more ‘technical details, meanwhile here is the list of your subjects: sea urchins, orobanche (Sporchia), asparagus, beans, artichokes, focaccia barese, dried figs, spring onion, zeppoline (typical Italian pastry with cream filling).

Thanks to this photoshooting, I produced the beauty of almost 600 new images already on sale on the major microstockstock sites!

Chilling in Mola di Bari, my village.

When I’m in Mola, the thing I love the most to do is to walk through the alleys, parks and markets, with no in particular goal, but only to observe everything going on around, the flow of the sluggish and noisy life in southern Italy. Walking in the morning, I come wrapped by the sweet scent of warm croissants and coffee coming out of the doors of the bars, always full and crowded, because here the day always starts in a bar. When I pass I slow down to listen to the speeches of the men sitting at the tables or at the counter: they are 90% on the football, 10% about the local political problems.

Among the alleys instead, I meet mostly women who go to the grocery store, while the little doors send out the scents of what they will have for lunch, and hunger will come already much earlier. And then I have fun chasing all these smells and try to guess the origin, which pasta or vegetables are brewing. When I see two or three women whispering, then I slow down to listen to their speeches that are 90% gossip about family facts or people, 10% of health problems.

In the late morning then, happens inevitably to pass by a local bakery from which comes the scent of the typical focaccia Barese: no one can resist buying a slice, strictly triangular, still smoking, and then eating it despite the opulent lunch you expect to have just a little later …

And finally, in the afternoon, my ritual is always just the same: wait for the boats to come back and bring the fresh fish at the fish market. And here is an explosion of colours, sounds and smells, a familiar music to me, that awakens every sense of my body.

Before leaving, a last greeting to the sea

The last day, I do what I always do before every departure: a solitary walk along the marina bay, to recharge with positive energy that only my sea can give me. I stop for a little to read a few lines of the book by Claudio Pellizzeni, “L’orizzonte, ogni giorno, un po’ più in là” which recounts his amazing journey around the world without taking any flight, after abandoning his comfortable but flat office work. A book full of excitement and interesting stories, the tale of a long journey that I hope I can do it too, soon, very soon…


Arrivederci Mola, arrivederci Puglia!


Luxembourg is preparing for Christmas: the pleasant solitude that anticipates the party

Christmas is almost upon us and like every year, Luxembourg is preparing to welcome thousands of people to the traditional markets. Tonight, I had a half hour of free time in the heart of the city, and, you know, I can not live without photography and I always go hunting for stories.

That pleasant solitude that anticipates the party

So, walking through the Place d’Armes and Place Guillaume II, under a light but constant drizzle and a soft cold, I was attracted by the sense of peace and quiet all around: the silence of the empty huts, the loneliness of Christmas trees still bare of all light and decoration.

But I hadn’t a feeling of sadness, indeed, I felt like everything was suspended in time, with the stare of the giant Santa Claus.

As for surprise party, when you wait still and silent until the birthday boy comes, then someone presses the button and …

colored lights turns on, the music starts, carousels riding, scent of gingerbread and gluhwein and  the joy explodes all around:
It’s Christmas time!

(pictures were taken with my iPhone 6s and processed with Visco on the phone itself)



Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


LussemburgoBuonanotte Lussemburgo,

Lussemburgo si prepara per il Natale: la piacevole solitudine che anticipa la festa

Il Natale è ormai alle porte e, come ogni anno, il Lussemburgo si prepara ad accogliere migliaia di persone per i tradizionali mercatini. Stasera, ho avuto una mezz’ora di tempo libero nel cuore della città, e, si sa, non so stare senza fotografia e vado sempre a caccia di storie.

La  piacevole solitudine che anticipa la festa

Così, passeggiando tra la Place D’Armes e Place Guillame II, sotto una leggera ma continua pioggerellina ed un freddo appena accennato, sono stato attratto dal senso di pace e calma tutt’intorno: il silenzio delle baite svuotate di ogni cosa, la solitudine degli alberi di Natale ancora spogli di ogni luce e decorazione. 

Ma non ho avuto una sensazione di tristezza, anzi, ho sentito un’atmosfera quasi sospesa nel tempo, con gli sguardi fissi dei babbi natale giganti.

Come per una festa a sorpresa, quando si attende immobili e in silenzio fino a quando arriva il festeggiato, poi qualcuno preme il pulsante e…

si accendono le luci colorate, parte la musica, si avviano le giostre, sale alto il profumo di vin brulè e pan di zenzer, esplode l’allegria:
che il Natale abbia inizio!

(foto fatte con il mio iPhone 6s ed elaborate con Visco direttamente sul telefono)



Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


LussemburgoBuonanotte Lussemburgo,

Snap a picture – Summicron 28mm first essay

First essay with the Leica Summicron 28mm f2 ASPH, I’m already in love with this lens!!!





Here we are in Luxembourg, from one of the most popular viewpoints, looking to the European district, called Kirchberg. I love how discreet is taking street photos with a Leica, so fast and silent!

Here are some behind the scene pics:

img_0538 img_0519 img_0537


Ciao e buona giornata,

New Book on sale: CUBA, People and lifestyle

Happy to announce my new work, a photo book out of my last trip to Cuba.

CUBA, people and lifestyle

An intense photographic journey through the streets of Trinidad, Vinales and Havana, suspended between the myth of the “Revolucion” and the American dream. The overwhelming and genuine character of Cuba destined to change forever, told by the eyes of the photographer Sabino Parente.

The book has 120 pages and is printed on high quality paper, from
You can order the book here: or visit my page at
img_7865 img_7864 img_7863 img_7862 img_7861 img_7860 img_7859 img_7858

Play me, urban piano in Luxembourg

Hanging around in the city of Luxembourg, i had the chance to spot this colorful Piano, just in from of the Grand Duchy palace. The overall setting was really interesting so i started taking pictures while some people were playing it, using the Fujifilm X-T1

And after that i discovered that this elegant old lady was a famous piano artist and i can tell you how wonderful was the music she played!


Orecchiette baresi, inside the old town Bari.

Bari vecchia, the old town of this beautiful city on the seaside of Puglia, south of Italy, has a strong tradition about home made pasta, especially the orecchiette, these tiny delights that match perfectly with turnips or tomato sauce… mhhh…

No, you cannot miss it, and before even thinking to photograph it, you must first try it 🙂

My roots are from this sunny side of Italy, from a small town just few kilometers from Bari and, shame on me, i’ve never had the opportunity to walk and photograph the old town, the famous Bari Vecchia, a place full of life and traditions, like the “nonna” making home made “orecchiette baresi” using an ancient technique handed down from grandmother to grandmother.

Finally, few days ago, i was spending some time with my family, the weather was nice, of course, and i decided to go, with my lovely Fuji X-T1 in my hand, looking for a “nonna” making orecchiette in Bari Vecchia.

And i found a delicious one, not a touristic spot, but a real Nonna, in a tiny and cosy house full of holy statues and saints. The lady let me enter in her place and that’s already something that i miss here in Luxembourg where i actually live: the human contact with anyone, without any suspicion, like being part of a big family.

We started a nice conversation about family and life while she was continuously making orecchiette without even looking at the table, with smooth and natural movements of her hands. Like a magician, the little pieces of pasta were rolling on the table, as seconds that mark the time of her life. Oh it was so beautiful, breathing life…

I took many pictures, there was not much light inside but i didn’t use any flash just because i wanted to catch the actual atmosphere in the room, a kind of holy place.

Then of course i bought a little bag of fresh pasta and i can tell you how delicious was once on my table, cooked by my mum… Buonissima! 🙂