Inspirational Book: Bystander – A History of Street Photography

Today I want to share with you a new book I just received, a true inspirational body of work considered the “bible” of street photography.

The book, quite heavy and big, is produced by my favourite photographer Joel Meyerowitz together with Colin Westerbeck, and explores the development and history of the genre through the medium’s masters–Strand, Atget, Stieglitz, Cartier-Bresson, Lartigue, Kertész, Walker Evans, Brassaï, Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Helen Levitt, Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, and many others.

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A good read before bed, travel guide and street photography inspirations

After defined and bought the flight tickets for my next travel destination, Vietnam, it’s time for one of my favourite part of the whole trip: the preparation.

This is to me a very exciting and serious process, it’s where the journey begins, booking accommodations, local transportations, searching for tips, advices and starting to feel the place somehow.



I don’t fix everything in advance as I want to also decide on site, but I like to build the main path of the whole itinerary.
And for tonight i have two very helpful reads:

The classic and indispensable Lonely Planet (Vietnam), who will help me to get the best out of this trip and will be my bible along the way.

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb “On street photography and the poetic image”, a fundamental book for whoever does street photography and a very inspirational read within lots of expert insights from one of my favourite photographer.

The journey begins with a single step ( cit.) and that’s what i’m doing right now, just moving the first step into this new amazing and exciting trip.

Buona Notte,

CUBA, people and lifestyle, read my interview on newspaper

Today i’m on the news!

Hopefully for a positive news 🙂 The national newspaper, Le Quotidien, has just published an article about my new photobook, “Cuba, people and lifestyle”. It was a relaxed and open discussion with the journalist Pablo Chimienti, trying to explain the reason why i’ve decided to visit Cuba and which kind of photography i do like to take.

You can read the article below.



New Book on sale: CUBA, People and lifestyle

Happy to announce my new work, a photo book out of my last trip to Cuba.

CUBA, people and lifestyle

An intense photographic journey through the streets of Trinidad, Vinales and Havana, suspended between the myth of the “Revolucion” and the American dream. The overwhelming and genuine character of Cuba destined to change forever, told by the eyes of the photographer Sabino Parente.

The book has 120 pages and is printed on high quality paper, from
You can order the book here: or visit my page at
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