Slow travel: from Luxembourg city to Mola di Bari, Puglia by train ( with a Leica Q)

Finally, It is time to be on the road again, or, in this case, on the rails… Yes, indeed, this time I’ve decided to start my journey at a much slower pace. because I want to enjoy and feel it.

When and how the idea was born

Before getting on board for my next long distance trip (I’ll tell you where soon…), I have few days free and I need to reach my hometown, Mola di Bari, in the south of Italy. Of course,  by instinct, the first thing I would do is to go to Ryanair website and book a direct flight that in only 2 hours will bring me home.

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Luxembourg city, a winter’s tale – Gallery

Each season in Luxembourg city offers unique photo opportunities, and so the winter.

I took my Leica SL with me and I walked around to capture the fairy tale atmosphere you can breath along the streets.


Thanks for reading! If you want a print out of any of the pictures above, please get in contact with me.

Cheers, Sabino

Let it snow, Luxembourg!

The first snow arrived tonight in Luxembourg and this morning everything was covered by a soft white layer.  I always have my camera with me and I could not resist while driving to the office: I want to capture it!

Of course, the trees and the rooftops are scenic, but I wanted to find something different. I was attracted by an old-fashioned roulotte, selling Christmas trees, not so far from where I live.

The minivan was totally immersed in this white scenario and just in front of it, there were suspended small lights that make the whole scenario cosier.

I also “used” a girl with an umbrella just crossing by, to add some life and dynamics, but keeping her out of focus.

Pressed by the time, I just took 5 minutes, a quick and dirty shooting, but I’m happy I captured the very first snow in Luxembourg for this winter.

Gears : Leica SL + Summicron 28mm + Summicron 50mm

–  1 –

–  2 –

–  3 –

–  4 –

–  5 –

–  6 –

Looking forward to taking more pictures in the city, hoping that it will continue to snow.



Sneak preview of my photo shooting in the forest of Luxembourg

A sneak preview of the photo shooting I had today, totally immersed in a beautiful forest somewhere in Luxembourg. A very special place that seems to be coming out of a fairytale.

Autumn is definitely the best time of the year to enjoy the green areas all over the country. The nature shows so many shades of warm colours and the underwood is full of different types of mushrooms.

Guess, where am I?

[momentopress url=]

You will discover it soon, in the next few days I will upload the final pictures out of my wonderful Leica SL camera.

For now, just enjoy these few pictures I took with the iPhone 8Plus that demonstrate again to have a very good camera!

Thanks for reading, and please, come back soon for new pictures!

A presto,

25 photos and stories from The Color Run. And why a photographer should get dirty…

I have just come back from the front line of a very special “war”, from where I came out dirty, destroyed, happy and colorful. I photographed “The Color Run” in EchternachLuxembourg, an event now widespread around the world and inspired by the famous Indian Holi Festival, but applied to the race. The main theme of the event is, therefore, the colors that are thrown on runners when they pass through dedicated and monochrome spots.

Obviously, such an event can gift original and special photographic opportunities, so I did not miss it.

“If your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough” – Robert Capa

But, let me tell you few thoughts I’ve recorded after the event, based on what I’ve seen…

During the race, I saw so many professional photographers in action, sent by newspapers, TVs and websites, and one thing I particularly impressed was:

to not see any of them get dirty and dive into the heart of the scene, except one, fool, with the camera completely dusty and stained by the colors: me. And I’m proud of it.

Everyone is free to be a photographer as best they believe, of course, but I see too many photographers who just observe and do not tell. I mean, too many comfy and lazy photographers. Seeing those fully camouflaged, protected, covered cameras and then see them off the “dirty” area, safe and clean, well, it made me laugh a bit. As perhaps they laughed or scoffed at me, surely.

In my humble opinion, a “reporter” photographer has to be in the center of the scene, can not photograph at its margins. The photographer has to touch with hands what happens, feel it on his own skin.

You can not tell a story standing comfortably behind the window to observe it passively.

Most importantly, in such a dynamic and moving situation, you must dive inside and live it. It’s even more fun.

But then we damage the camera!?

No, you’re the slaves of your camera. It is the tool that has to adapt to you, not the opposite. And the camera does not get damaged (internally, I mean), if you comply with simple rules, like not to change the lens while it is immersed in a cloud of dust.

I can tell you, my cameras and lenses come back stressed, dirty and full of signs at the end of my travel or reportage. Just as me…

They are not memorable to keep immaculate inside a vacuum, clean and perfect. No. They have to live and get scratches, bring the signs of a thousand trips and keep memorable memories of unforgettable stories.

So, dear friends photographers and enthusiasts, to tell a story, leave home cleaning kits, air blower and protections and get inside, get dirty you and your gears, breathe the moment.

Maybe your pictures will probably be dirtier, but certainly more alive and emotional.

My 25 pictures of the Color Run

For this reportage, I used the Canon EOS 5D Mk III with the EF 24-70mm f2.8 mkII zoom lens. I chose this lens because it allowed me a lot more flexibility and versatility in a situation where I knew I could not change the lens during the action.

– 1 –

– 2 –

– 3 –


– 4 –

– 5 –

– 6 –

– 7 –


– 8 –

– 9 –

– 10 –

– 11 –

– 12 –

– 13 –


– 14 –


– 15 –

– 16 –

– 17 –

– 18 –

– 19 –

– 20 –

– 21 –

– 22 –

– 23 –

– 24 –

– 25 –


And what’s your favorite picture among these? I would like to read your opinion and preference.

Thanks for reading,

Foto, storie e tecniche dal mio reportage alla ING Marathon in Lussemburgo

La ING Marathon è ormai diventato l’evento sportivo (e non solo) più importante del Granducato, una gara capace di attirare in città migliaia di runners e altrettanti turisti e appassionati. Nonostante non ami particolarmente la fotografia sportiva, in realtà questo evento offre tante opportunità per foto di street, per cui nelle edizioni passate sono sempre riuscito a portare a casa qualche scatto carino e originale.

Infatti, da diversi anni e con mio grande orgoglio, le mie immagini scattate nelle passate edizioni, vengono utilizzate nei media promozionali ufficiali, come brochure o banner. Ecco qui la mia foto utilizzata per il banner gigante che campeggiava vicino la partenza, in questa edizione 2017:

Con la mia Leica M e il fuoco a zona, la ricetta è perfetta!

Una Leica è per sempre, forse, probabilmente. Ormai sono sempre più a mio agio con questo sistema e dunque, per questo reportage ho utilizzato la mia Leica M alternando due lenti, il Summicron 28mm f2 e il Summicron 50 f2. Non ho mai focheggiato per ottenere lo scatto, perchè ormai ho imparato quella tecnica straordinaria e perfetta per lo street, che è il fuoco a zona.

Una volta deciso quale range di distanza voglio a fuoco, sono io a muovermi di conseguenza piazzando il soggetto sempre in quel range e avendo così sempre la certezza di non perdere il fuoco e potendomi concentrare esclusivamente sulla composizione della foto. C’est magnifique!

Ecco una “rara” foto di me all’opera 🙂

L’attesa, una festa colorata di blu e l’arancione.

Dopo averla mancata lo scorso anno, questa volta ho deciso di tornare a fotografare questo grande evento, approfittanto anche di una eccezionale e calda giornata di sole.

Ma…cosa fotografare senza annoiarmi?

La cosa piu’ importante per me, quando devo fotografare, è avere stimoli ed entusiasmo, soprattutto in quei casi in cui mi capita di osservare qualcosa che gia conosco e che ho gia fotografato in passato.

Fortemente ispirato da uno dei miei fotografi preferiti, Alex Webb, ho cercato così di ottenere una fotografia molto contrastata, dai colori vividi, magari anche con livelli di azione moltipli. Ahhh, fosse cosi’ facile…

Così, con Webb nella testa, ho cominciato ad osservare tutto quello che accadeva davanti ai miei occhi. Grazie ai colori dei main sponsor, ING e TANGO, tutto l’evento era dominato da due colori che amo molto, il blu e l’arancione, che, con la luce forte del sole, hanno creato dei contrasti molto molto interessanti.  Ed ecco qui qualche foto scattata poco prima del via.

Pronti, partenza, via!

Per la prima volta, ho assistito alla partenza e devo ammettere che è stata una scelta azzeccata perchè in questa fase dell’evento si concentrano gran parte dell’adrenalina e dell’entusiasmo di tutti i partecipanti fino all’esplosione di gioia al momento dello start. Non è stato facile trovare spazio vicino la linea di partenza, ma, in fotografia, credo che qualsiasi posozione o situazione abbia sempre qualcosa di interessante da offrire e così ho cercato di catturare il meglio dal mio punto di vista, l’unico, che potevo avere in quel momento.

L’essenza di una maratona? La corsa.

A parte qualche foto di rito appena dopo lo start ufficiale, mi sono concentrato nel catturare la corsa, quel movimento continuo di gambe, di tantissime scarpe colorate che si alternavano secondo dopo secondo. Con la tecnica del panning, queste situazioni mi regalano sempre degli scatti interessanti. Mi sono quindi abbassato per ottenere un punto di vista che fosse allo stesso livello dei piedi e, con il fuoco gia impostato, ho scattato senza guardare dal mirino o dallo schermo (cosa comunque non possibile con la mia Leica M 262).

Essendo ormai in simbiosi con la macchina, riesco quasi a prevedere l’inquadratura anche quando la macchina è distante dagli occhi. Infatti, molti scatti, li ho realizzati senza guardare attraverso la lente, ma direttamente con i mie occhi. Impossibile? Non proprio…

Mentre le mani si occupavano di mantenere, li in basso, ferma la Leica e il dito a scattare, li, in alto, con gli occhi, osservavo direttamente tutte le gambe che mi passavano davanti e, quando vedevo qualcosa di particolare… scattavo!

Si è creata una linea di collegamento diretta tra i miei occhi, il cervello, le braccia, le mani, il dito e infine la macchina.

Non appena vedevo qualcosa di interessante, il dito laggiù scattava, perchè la mente sapeva gia quale sarebbe stata l’inquadratura finale.

L’ultimo raggio di luce prima della fine?

Non so che fine abbia fatto questo occhiale, ma, considerando i migliaia di piedi che sarebbero transitati di li a poco, credo che quel raggio di sole sia stato uno degli ultimi che ha potuto osservare…

Menzione speciale: Prendi il cuore e scappa!

Tra i tanti scatti della giornata, questo è tra i miei preferiti.
Se avessi avuto l’occhio nel mirino, non credo sarei stato in grado di catturarlo perchè lo avrei visto all’improvviso, Mentre, come ho descritto prima, con la macchina distante e gli occhi liberi di osservare la scena, ho visto quest’uomo correre con un cuore in mano e l’ho catturato prevedendo quello che la macchina stava inquadrando.


Viva la fotografia e viva la luce!

Grazie e alla prossima,


Luxembourg is preparing for Christmas: the pleasant solitude that anticipates the party

Christmas is almost upon us and like every year, Luxembourg is preparing to welcome thousands of people to the traditional markets. Tonight, I had a half hour of free time in the heart of the city, and, you know, I can not live without photography and I always go hunting for stories.

That pleasant solitude that anticipates the party

So, walking through the Place d’Armes and Place Guillaume II, under a light but constant drizzle and a soft cold, I was attracted by the sense of peace and quiet all around: the silence of the empty huts, the loneliness of Christmas trees still bare of all light and decoration.

But I hadn’t a feeling of sadness, indeed, I felt like everything was suspended in time, with the stare of the giant Santa Claus.

As for surprise party, when you wait still and silent until the birthday boy comes, then someone presses the button and …

colored lights turns on, the music starts, carousels riding, scent of gingerbread and gluhwein and  the joy explodes all around:
It’s Christmas time!

(pictures were taken with my iPhone 6s and processed with Visco on the phone itself)



Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


LussemburgoBuonanotte Lussemburgo,

Snap a picture – Summicron 28mm first essay

First essay with the Leica Summicron 28mm f2 ASPH, I’m already in love with this lens!!!





Here we are in Luxembourg, from one of the most popular viewpoints, looking to the European district, called Kirchberg. I love how discreet is taking street photos with a Leica, so fast and silent!

Here are some behind the scene pics:

img_0538 img_0519 img_0537


Ciao e buona giornata,

Portrait of a myth: Melusina

Walking down by the Alzette river in Luxembourg you can easily have a pleasant encounter with a legendary beauty, Melusina, the mermaid of the Granduchy, symbol of love.

Few minutes before the sunset, I was chilling around the Grund district, with my Leica M 262 and i took some pictures to this beautiful model, attracted by the nice shape of the statue and the contrast between the green surrounding and the vibrant violet of the mermaid.

To make the pictures more interesting, luckily, at some point a young couple sat on the other side of the river for few minutes and i took the opportunity to include them in some shots, to make a kind of connection with the statue and the love story. Nice isn’t.

Again, the two Leica lenses (Summicron M 35mm f2 ASPH and Summicron M 50mm f2) performed very very well, with nice contrasts and details. I’m more and more into this beautiful system, after 3 months of usage i may say i’m fully happy with it!

Now space to the pictures!

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

The myth of Melusina, the beautiful mermaid of Luxembourg

browse the complete gallery on my portfolio website here

If you are interested in the story of this myth, you can have a nice reading here: