Finding the Perfect Travel Camera Bag…

Which is the best Travel Camera Bag? or better… how should a perfect Travel Camera bag, be like (if it may ever exist)?
This subject can be easily underestimated, but to my opinion, this is the most important items for a photographer, even more than the camera itself,

this is the place where all your valuable gears will spend most of the time, protected from any potential damaging element like water, dust, knocks and bumps…

There are so many factors that can influence your decision on which bag to choose, like size, space, material, type, style and maybe even brand. Personally, I like the classic messenger bag but SHOULD NOT look like a photography bag (!), it should be stylish, elegant and comfortable to be used also at night or whenever I go out for a dinner or a special event. I don’t like people to clearly know that I’m carrying photography gears in my bag, even more, if I am in a poor or dangerous area and I have an expensive camera and lenses with me.

And I don’t care to be recognised as a photographer while I’m on the street as, when I want to take a picture, I want to be discreet and not intrusive.

After many years of trials with all kind of bags, now with a very light and portable equipment like the Leica M, actually I’ve found the perfect bag for the everyday use, and that is the ONA Leather Prince Street, that looks exactly like this:

The actual bag i use. ONA Leather Prince Street

The actual bag i use. ONA Leather Prince Street

ONA is a very good manufacturer who creates elegant and high-quality bags that are certainly expensive, but I can tell you out of my experience, the value worth the money you spend. Of course, I’m now considering a mirrorless alike equipment. I use it every day, no matter if I’m in the office or at the supermarket or at a special night event. It fits perfectly for every situation.

But on a long trip, I already know that this bag will be comfortable, because i normally need to carry more things, like for instance, a tripod, spare batteries, external charger for the smartphone, maps,iPadd, personal documents, small food and other goodies.

In short, when I travel, my bag is a “live” space, constantly in movement.

That’s why I’m now looking for a new one, similar to the Ona Prince, I meant stylish and comfortable, but with more pockets and spaces. But is so damn difficult to find a nice one as most of them have a very technical look and feel.

After some time spent in researches, the only ones that are very close to what I’m looking for are:

The Union Street (ONA) :

+ beautiful design and style
– very expensive
-no external pockets
-no place for a tripod

ONA Union Street

ONA Union Street


Manfrotto Messenger BeFree:

+the tripod pocket
+half price than the ONA
+very functional with lots of pockets
-not stylish (but not not that bad)


These two bags are on my shortlist at the moment and if I don’t find any other alternative, I have to pick one by next week as my trip to Japan is now approaching (19 of November).

About you, have you found the “Perfect Travel Camera Bag”?

Ciao e a presto,

Fotografo corporate e di eventi.