Video Inspiration: Interview with photographer Alex Webb

Today, I want to give you some sort of photography inspiration, inviting you to watch this beautiful interview with Alex Webb, the famous Magnum photographer, a strong reference and inspiration for my photography.

If you ask me, which famous photographer you would love to be, if you could turn yourself into it, I would surely answer, Alex Webb.

If you do, or like street photography, you will find this video really inspirational and full of interesting comments. The way he uses vibrant colours and creates multilayers images is exactly what I want to achieve in my photography and also I find a lot of me in the way he conceives his photos.  There is so much life his photos, that each of them can stand alone and tell a long story!

I definitely love him as a photographer and i clearly take inspiration from his style. Now I leave you to this nice interview.

Interview with photographer Alex Webb


Now I’d like to know, who are the photographers that inspire you, instead?

Please leave a comment, if you wish.


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