Blogger tools: how to proofread and have your posts “grammarly” perfect!

When I've started building up this blog, my main concern was to be not able to write in a proper English and the only way out for me was to write articles only in Italian, my mother tongue. But I didn't want to loose the possibility to be This is a tip I  want to share with you, as I think you could find it really useful.

But I didn't want to loose the possibility to be read by everyone in the world, so I started writing in English anyway, conscious that my grammar would not be that perfect. Is not always due to a lack of knowledge, but often is due to a fast writing of the sentence…

Now I have a very powerful tool to correct all the mistakes!

This is for me a holy gift! Today I felt a bit frustrated for my continuous mistakes in my posts so I've started to investigate for some existing solutions who could improve the quality of my English writings. So, after some test I've found exactly the tool I was looking for, even better than I thought, and that's why I want to share this tip with you.

And sorry in advance if it could look like this is a sponsored post: it is not, I've not been paid to promote this, I'm not yet that famous to attract sponsors 😉
I've discovered a few minutes ago and I want to simply share it.

The application's name is Grammarly and is a free add-on for your browser. So it is not a plugin for WordPress but is a little application that you can install for free on your browser ( I use Chrome). After the installation, you will be asked to create a simple account and that's it.


Other than the browser add-on, you can also download the plugin for Office and for Windows so you can get this service also when you edit a word document.


How it works

The way it works is so easy! I will try to show you some examples below just to give you a quick preview. As soon as you start typing in your editor, in this case, WordPress, the application will automatically mark the mistakes by highlighting it in red and suggesting the correction. Just fantastic. Like this:


14-11-2016-14-55-57Furthermore, if you then open an existing post or page, it will analyse the content and highlight the mistakes on the whole content. And it shows you not only the simple writing mistakes but also the grammar mistakes or the correct position of a comma in the sentence.





This is, for the moment, what I've discovered about this application, but I'm sure it can offer much more features, I just need to use it deeply, but at this level is already a huge improvement of the quality of my writing. Finally, I hope you will appreciate this as you may now read my articles much easier and more relaxed and i can offer you a much better service.

Ciao ciao e a presto,


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