Back from the Leica event, in Wetzlar, I learned that … (impressions)

The new Leica M10 is a very good camera, really…

Ok, don’t need to go up to Wetzlar to know it, but, to see it and test it, in the place in which it was conceived, it has another effect. The new Leica M10 is a thought product, reasoned, tailored to the photograph, like a perfectly cut and stitched suit by a tailor. The body, in addition to being accurate in every detail and massive in the hands, heavy the right, has very few external buttons, only the ones you need to do photography. The viewfinder, wider and brighter, takes you immediately to the center of the stage,  eliminating all kind of distractions. It is a camera built “only” to do photography. Photography, in fact. Let’s Just focus on that, please.

IMG 4243

The high prices of a Leica M, are justified, for heaven’s sake.

It was enough to take a tour through the production line of the Leica M, in the headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany, to understand how professional, how much attention to detail, how much humanity and especially manuality is inside each machine or lens produced by Leica. I saw workers painting (to apply the “coating”) manually each lens of an objective, checking the bodies maniacally in every detail. Products are not created in a mass-production through cold automated systems, but there is still much human intervention at every step of the production process, a good percentage of combined experience and crafts. In short, every Leica M and M each goal, has its own soul and its value, not only material. Congratulations to Leica.

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Photographers, the greater they are, the more humble they become.

The more they believe how great they are, the more arrogant and obnoxious they behave. And, in photography today, there’s a lot of presumption, as well as many deluded people. When I find myself in an event full of photographers and enthusiast, I always see too little passion and so much ego. Rarely open to sharing, such presumption to teach and defend their sacred knowledge on photography … From the series, I am what I am, and you are less than nothing…

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A photographer becomes great because it is simply expressing his passion and his enthusiasm in telling the world that surrounds him and in the photography itself. And he loves to share it. A great photographer is a humble person, who deeply loves photography and photographing, in its most simple and classic gesture. The rest, techniques, rules, certificates and awards, are only masks and frills, not always necessary. Every great photographer that I have known and/or listened to, from Scianna to Koudelka, from Sessini up to Meyerowitz, was always struck by the simplicity, passion and above all the enthusiasm with which describes his experiences and knowledge. I never heard them talk about techniques, rules, and prizes.

The photograph of the great, has the simplicity and enthusiasm of the little ones.

Joel Meyerowitz…

… A 78-year-old boy, full of energy and contagious enthusiasm, in a great shape. I felt a lot older than him. An extraordinary person and unique photographer. Chapeau.

IMG 4233

I will definitely buy the Leica M10.

I do not know when, but I know that it will be my next camera! M10, a round perfect number, as 40, the age that I will reach and celebrate this year. Coincidence? I do not believe 🙂

Buona luce e a presto,


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