“Houses gone. Bodies everywhere — no arms, no legs, everyone just dead. You look and you ask, ‘Were these really human beings?’ ”

"A dragonfly flitted in front of me and stopped on a fence. I stood up, too my cap in my hands, and was about to catch the dragonfly when..."

Visiting Hiroshima and the memorial of the atomic bomb was one of the most 'touching experiences of my life. I felt in a place where time has truly stopped at 8:15 of the August 6, 1945, when humanity has reached the lowest and ignoble point in its history. Walking among the sad memories of that day caused me a deep sense of shame, sadness and emptiness in my soul. But see what happened with your own eyes know the history of that brutal day also helps you to give birth to the strong desire for peace and respect in the world. There were many children who watched those brutal, shocking, crude images, with the lightness of those who do not know what hatred, war, death is. And many elderly who on the contrary had in his eyes the anguish of those who know what man can be capable of and the knowledge that they can never again remove the memory of that bloody bomb. I have kept all this in a deep silence, with a knot in my stomach and a sense of impotence in front of the human stupidity. Peace