My 10 bestseller photos of July 2016

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Although the summer holidays are started and most of the activities and projects are on hold during this time, July has been a good month, keeping my number of sales, between the main stock photos agencies, on average.

In my ranking, travel photos take the majority, almost in total, leaving just few space to the Food photographs, that are selling always good anyway.

But out of these statistics it is clear that Cuba is really trending now, and the pictures from Trinidad, Vinales or La Habana are selling really good.

Still in the top 5 sellers, Istanbul, within my best seller ever photo that i'm selling almost every day, the wonderful Süleymaniye mosque, a very unique place.

So, let's see which are my 10 best seller photos of July:

10. Vinales, making of Tobacco cigars - Cuba

Making tobacco cigars in a typical farm in Vinales, Cuba

9. Venice, Carnival mask -  Italy

Venice maskVenice mask

8. Siena, Italy

SienaSienaThe wonderful medieval city of Siena in Tuscany region, italy

7. Vinales, Tobacco plantations - Cuba

Tobacco plantationTobacco plantationTobacco plantation in the Vinales valley, north of Cuba

6. Food: Dark Figs

5. Istanbul, Süleymaniye, mosque - Turkey

Süleymaniye mosqueSüleymaniye mosqueThe beautiful Süleymaniye mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

4. Paris, Eiffel tower - France

Tour Eiffel, ParisTour Eiffel, ParisThe beautiful Eiffel tower in Paris at night

3. Trinidad, Cuba

2. Chefchaouen, doors - Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco


and the best seller image of July 2016 is... :



1. Trinidad, cuban flag  - Cuba

CubaCubaCuban flag hanging on a door in Trinidad, Cuba


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